JustResizeIt! 2.0

Drag and drop your photos to resize them


  • Easy to easy
  • You can add as many resizing profiles as you want
  • Can work with multiple images at the same time


  • No additional image effects

Not bad

Web editors and bloggers usually need to do a lot of photo resizing on a daily basis. If you're among them, you're going to like this cool little app.

JustReizeIt! does what it says on the tin: resize images in the easiest way possible, that is, by simply dragging and dropping them on the program's interface. The program is based on Adobe AIR and features a sleek, dark design that makes it a pleasure to use.

The most original thing about JustResizeIt! is the way you select the target format for your image. You can create as many resizing profiles – or 'widgets', as the the developer refers to them – and drag and drop your image (or images, as the program supports batch resizing) on the appropriate one, depending on the result you want to achieve. So, for example, you can create a profile that optimizes images to 800x600 to send them by email, another that reduces them to 50% their original size for web publishing and another that creates a 100x100 thumbnail version of the selected photo.

JustReizeIt! lets you create as many profiles as you want, and configure them to resize photos by exact pixel measures or percentages. You can also give them a name to distinguish them better. Pity it doesn't include any option to apply some basic effects (shadows, borders and the likes) to the resized images.

JustReizeIt! is a nicely designed, easy to use tool to resize images with a simple drag-and-drop.



JustResizeIt! 2.0

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